Attendees at the 149th Annual, Lehigh vs. LaFayette game, Bethlehem, PA 2013

go deeper into communities exhibiting behavioral addictions

Transsexual Reveler at the 2005 edition of the Toronto Gay Pride Parade

About Transgression Film Studios

Transgression Film Studios, formerly Transgression Magazine, is a film production company that produces and develops documentary films that delve into identity politics, political correctness, and the underlying causes including behavioral addictions, e.g., sex addiction, automorphophilic addiction (transsexualism) and Internet addiction. [1] Transgression Film Studios at the domain,, has been in operation since October, 1998.

For over seventeen years Transgression Film Studios has created thought provoking documentary films and animations that cut through otherwise superficial treatment of the subject matter.


[1] Objective Tests for Autogynephilia and Automorphophilic Addiction

[I] come back and listen to this interview every few months. [Its] my favorite out of all the ones you have done because its so educational - oh and BTW: my ex's dad was an alcoholic.

Charlotte S. (transition radio broadcast, dated September 10, 2015) (9/10/2015)