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go deeper into communities exhibiting behavioral addictions

Transsexual Reveler at the 2005 edition of the Toronto Gay Pride Parade

To find effective treatments for mental disorders, you must often go beyond what is publicly available and immerse yourself amongst the inflicted. If you want to find people, who by accident undergo effective treatment for a mental disorder, the best places to start are the support centres. In the case of transsexualism, the best places to start are the transition support groups. These volunteer-run, support groups see people with various ancillary disorders in addition to what is on the surface.

These groups see people in all different phase of transition and with various degrees of the disorder. It is no surprise, then, that they see and hear of people, who suddenly and silently lose interest in gender transition. Behind every individual, who loses interest and drops out, there is a story and that's where you learn not only the underlying cause of the disorder, but also what treats it. When you discover a case example, you must then cross-correlate that to the research by clinical researchers.

Clinical researchers are medical detectives, cross-correlating mental disorders in studies in an attempt to isolate effective treatments for various disorders. Clinical researchers and not medical doctors discovered that Epileptics, who are successfully treated for epilepsy, have a lower incidence of suffering from manic episodes. As a result doctors prescribe divalproex sodium to patients, who suffer from affected bi-polar disorder. Divalproex sodium was otherwise developed to ameliorate epileptic seizures. However, clinical researchers need people in the field to test their hypothesis. That's where transsexuals, themselves come into play.

[The book, The Men & Women Who Transgress Gender Norms] could blow the doors off the current understanding of transsexualism.

Karlene Nation, Director of Diversity Programing, CTV News